Why Choosing Jackson Family of Dealerships for Servicing is the Best Choice

With plenty of places available in Sullivan, IL to have your car serviced, you might be wondering why you should come to our facility at Jackson Family of Dealerships. Not only do we strive to be a reliable solution for local Honda owners, but our service staff takes pride in their overarching vehicle expertise.

  • All of our certified mechanics have several years of training which is still ongoing today.
  • Our technicians make use of only OEM approved parts when working on your vehicle.
  • While your vehicle is on the life, relax in comfort in our roomy waiting area.
  • Our team will tell you exactly what is wrong and what it is going to take to fix the issue.
  • We have several auto bays on site which means you will have minimal with times and you should be on your way in short order.
  • Our mechanics all have the right tools for any job that needs to be completed on your vehicle.

At our showroom, you can rest assured that your vehicle is getting the best service from a team of top certified mechanics. Stop in for a first-hand experience at 1320 W Jackson Street today!

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