Be Prepared for Your Holiday Trip

Happy holidays from all of us here at Jackson Family of Dealerships and we hope that you will come down to see us to take one of your great vehicle s out for a test drive. What better time to get a new car than before a road trip?

We also want to remind you to drive safely and to arrive at your destination in one piece. Always travel with a fully stocked emergency and first aid kit and be prepared for the worst. Chances are you will not need these supplies but if you do you will be much better off for it. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get to your destination so that you're not rushed. Plan ahead, plan for delays such as traffic and bad weather and be ready for any delays. Always travel with your cell phone and charger and keep your gas topped up.

For more advice before your next family trip, be sure to stop in and hear from our team at 1320 W Jackson Street!

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