What's the Deal with OEM Parts?

Unfortunately, all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram parts are not created equal.

However, by using original equipment manufacturer parts, you can level the playing field.

What are OEM parts? They're parts specifically designed to work with the type of vehicle you drive, so you know that an OEM part will do what it's supposed to do. Instead of wading through an intimidating mass of off-brand parts that may or may not even work, you can simply pick up an OEM part that was created for your vehicle and call it done.

Not only that, but OEM parts are required to meet quality standards set by your vehicle's manufacturer and they are protected by extended warranty. You're not guaranteed the same with off-brand parts. Sure, aftermarket parts could work just fine. Or they could fail, invalidate the warranty on your car, or create a safety hazard.

When you use OEM parts, you know you are maintaining your car's integrity the way it was designed.

If you are in need of superb OEM parts, simply fill out the Parts Request form on our Parts Center page, call our Parts Department at (888) 691-6210, or visit us in person at Jackson Family Of Dealerships in Sullivan, IL today!

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