What Does it Mean When The Check Engine Light Comes On?

Mainly it means that there is something wrong with the vehicle. When the check engine light comes on it could be something relatively simple like a loose wire or a loose gas cap. However, it could be something more major like a sensor that has detected another mechanical problem, or it could be the sensor itself.

To determine what the problem is you must take it to a place that will perform a diagnostic test. Sometimes when there is a diagnostic check, it may reveal more than one problem. In this case, a mechanic will need to look at the vehicle to see which part needs to be fixed. It may actually be more than one issue.

For instance, the diagnostic check shows that the right front axle sensor is on. When the mechanic looks at the vehicle, he notices the ring that is connected to the axle broke and the sensor is bad. For your safety as soon as your check engine light comes on get it checked.
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