Is It Time for An Appointment?

Is it time for a vehicle service appointment? You may need regular maintenance. Your warning lights may have surfaced. Your battery might be acting up. Your brakes might be making a squeaky noise. There are many different reasons why you might need a service appointment. Making an appointment is just a few clicks away. You can utilize our online service scheduler.

The online service scheduler allows you to pick your most convenient appointment time. You can add details about the reason behind your upcoming visit. Our technicians at Jackson Family of Dealerships are prepared for your vehicle inspection. This allows our service team to be even more efficient.

We take great pride in customer service in the Sullivan, IL area. Our online service scheduler allows you to be in charge. You can work around your own busy schedule. Service is a priority for every vehicle. Our expert technicians understand the value we provide with each visit. We take many strides to be even more efficient. You can schedule your appointment online today.

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