Revised Dodge and RAM Vehicles Approved for Production and Sale



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As of July 28, 2017, FCA USA announced that the US EPA and California ARB have approved new versions of the RAM 1500 Diesel and Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel for production and sale.

To get approval, the two FCA brands needed to update emissions software on both vehicles. The automakers assure buyers that the new changes bring only environmental benefits, without any negative changes, asserting that the changes will not affect performance or stated efficiency figures.

Given that both RAM and Jeep vehicles have been updated as swiftly and successfully as they have been, consumers should expect the two brands to continue working under necessary regulatory agencies to produce modern, clean-diesel vehicles. This comes at a good time and is good news for Jeep and RAM as brands. It also is great news for consumers who are looking for efficient, updated, and clean diesel vehicles!

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